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Montebello Splendid Hotel

Via Montebello 60
50123 Florence

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Montebello Splendid Hotel Florence picture

Montebello Splendid Hotel in Florence

Located in the historical center of the city, surrounded by streets of dazzling shops and boutiques and close to all major tourist and cultural attractions, the Montebello Splendid hotel welcomes its guests in the precious and harmonious ambiance of Florentine charm, offering hospitality based on total and absolute comfort.

Guests will find a historical palace with splendid garden noted by its Florentine rain gutters and columned Tuscany style loggia enriched with original mosaics.
The hall of Montebello Splendid marble, stucco, and luminous niches from every angle create pleasurable and stimulating harmony for your eyes.

You will be welcomed with attention by personnel, used to taking care of every detail, and knowing how to anticipate your desires, and how to let you live a memorable stay in the heart of Florence, a city containing great works of art, and where Italian hospitality is its own work of art.

Montebello Splendid Hotel Florence picture
Montebello Splendid Hotel Florence picture

Montebello Splendid Hotel Florence